Art Caffe Struga is touristic family complex owned by the Poshka family with 23 room, Pizza Restaurant, Theatre and two cafe patios. All rooms include separate bathrooms and balconies. Art Caffe is situated in the central pedestrian zone of Struga. It is only 7 meters from the river “Drim” which is considered the cleanest river in the Balkans.

The entrance in the building is through the popular riverside pedestrian zone in the city centre. The hotel includes a restaurant, a  bar and a sun-deck by the river. You can enjoy your coffee in our patio situated on the romantic bank of the river or swim and snorkel  in the same river which is  very popular swimming point  in Struga.

The Lake Ohrid, which is UNESCO protected World Heritage lake is only two minutes walk from the property. You can walk to the lake or river easily and enjoy the beauty of Struga which was also named ” the Town of Two Waters”  by referring to the lake and river that springs from the same lake.

Art Caffe Struga is also very popular for couples through a romantic river-view experiences. It is also suitable for families since it is situated in a pedestrian zone and cars are not allowed in the zone. For all our customers who are drivers to our facilities, a free parking is secured in the rear parking entrance of the building.

Try to explore your riverside and lake side experience today!